Sun City Granite Headstones and Grave Markers of California  is proud to be part of the Monument Builders of North America  and The California Monument Association.  Throughout the years, Monument Builders of North America has produced many films/videos to educate its members about the various facets of the monument industry. Recently, many of these videos were converted to a digital format for you to view at your leisure from your home or office computer. Click the videos below to see more of MBNA’s educational offerings from the past!

The first video in the MBNA’s ambitious Remember Project. “The Art of Remembering” portrays the process of creating a memorial while highlighting some examples of contemporary memorial art.


“Mothers Mountain” A scene on a monument can come to life in the thoughts and memories of loved ones. A memorialist (monument builder) can capture your stories in stone so that you and your family can reflect on a life well-lived.

“Cremation Memorials” – Memorialist Bob Mattos explains how memorialization has played an important role in his healing process following the death and cremation of his brother.

Community Healing – Community Healing shows just one of the many ways that memorialists are helping to build better communities. This video tells the story of memorialists working with the Garden of Innocence organization to help communities honor the lives of abandoned children.

Fathers – Few people influence our lives like our fathers. “Fathers” tells the story of a family that chooses a very unlikely, but fitting, memorial to remember the life of their Father and Grandfather.

Honoring Our Veterans – Nobody understands the price of freedom more than a veteran. Sometimes even a very small recognition can mean the world to the men and women of our armed forces. Watch as 1,500 people participate in the unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the veterans of a small community.

Mothers – From our first moments on earth, our Mothers begin shaping our lives. When they pass on, why wouldn’t we choose to memorialize their lives in a place where our children and grandchildren can see our gratitude for their service?

Remembering at Home – Sometimes troubling, sometimes wonderful, but always at the core of who we are – building a good family culture is about making the effort to build something special. See how this family chose to make remembering a beautiful, functional, and regular part of their everyday lives.

The Tree Swing – Ever feel like a somber stone in a lonely corner of a cemetery just doesn’t fit the life of a loved one? Let the life of special people live on in the memories of your children and grandchildren, by creating an additional memorial in a place where it can be seen and used daily.

Fishing with Dad – Memorialization is about making memories permanent. This video portrays the story of a Father, a son, and some tender moments that were recorded in stone for the generations to remember.

Grandpa’s Horses – Monument builders tell stories in stone. This is the second video in a three video series that shows how a good monument builder can tell your stories in stone

Grandpas – Memorialization is about capturing stories – funny, sad, or unique. Anything that helps capture the wonderfully unique character of a friend or loved one is an important part of memorializing their life. In this video we talk to a group of kids about some things that they’ll remember about their Grandpas. Their comments might help you think of memorialization from a different perspective.

Grandmas – A look at the lighter side of life and remembering! We ask several kids to tell us about their Grandmas, and get some delightful responses.

Heroes – We spend lots of time and money remembering the lives of prominent public figures. Ironically, the people that have the biggest impact in our lives are often forgotten in just a generation or two. We ask people to tell us about their heroes and get some unexpected responses.

Memorial Art – Inception to End – “Memorial Art Inception to End” expands the story that was begun in the first Remember Project video “the Art of Remembering”. This video documents the immense amount of work and talent that goes into creating memorial art.